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C21 Demolition License

We are a local Demolition service in Malibu, CA. We offer and are the premiere demolition specialist serving all of the Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley area’s. We are located in  Malibu, CA and we are a demolition services company with years of experience.  Along with our Demolition and hauling services, we offer pick up and delivery service for dumpster rental units.

Our variety really shows in our Demolitions services in Malibu, CA.  Our experts can take on many demolition projects.  We offer both commercial demolition and residential demolition services as well. We service the greater Los Angeles area since we are located in Malibu, CA. If you have interior demolition needs we can take care of them for you.  If your need is directed at exterior demolition we can provide that as well. 

Our Demolition workers have all the proper tools required to get the demolition job of your choice done.  On the construction side, if you need construction site infrastructure removed, materials gathered and cleared out of the way in a responsible fashion, since we recycle as many materials as possible.  If you have Dismantling that needs to take place, call our Demolition specialist.  We can beat all competitor prices in the area of Malibu, CA, and the Los Angeles area. We are happy to build ongoing relationships if you consistently need demolition services on your jobs.  Please contact our Demolition specialist to make arrangements.  Our crew is fast and thorough, we charge flat rates, we have some or the largest trucks around including a 20 cubic yard stake body, and an 18ft box truck.  We have the trucks, the equipment, and the man power to quickly and efficiently and inexpensively assist you in your site work.

Total Demolition

Total demolitions involving the removal of a structure & its foundation to make way for new construction. We have facilitated many contractors and homeowners on their quest for a new house where an old house stood.

Selective Demolition

Selective demolition of existing structures for renovations and remodeling can be interior or exterior by nature. Exterior demolition can involve cutting a building in half to make it smaller or to add a larger addition. Dig & Demo uses a variety of high tech demolition equipment with many attachments to ensure a safe, effective and economical demolition. We also work with clients to preserve historical structures facades and artwork.

Interior Demolition

Interior demolition is primarily seen in commercial structures when changing out a retail space to accommodate a new tenant as well as renovations to residential properties to accommodate the private sector.

Land Clearing, Tree Removal & Site Preparation


  1. Asphalt Demolition

  2. Block or Retaining Wall Excavation

  3. Concrete Demolition

  4. Hillside Excavating

  5. Home Demolition

  6. Land Grading / Leveling

  7. Mobile Home / Trailer Demolition

  8. Kitchen Demolition

  9. Shed Demolition

  10. Shopping Center Demo

  11. Soft / Hard Demolition

  12. Swimming Pool Demolition

  13. Deck or Patio Demolition

Don't see your Demolition needs above? Please call us for a prompt estimate.

  1. Excavation & Trucking

  2. Rock & Debris Removal

  3. Swimming Pool Demolition

  4. Material Breaking

  5. Tree Removal

  6. Site Preparation

  7. Land Clearing

  8. Concrete Demolition & Removal

  9. Dirt Removal & Grading

  10. Construction Clean Up

  11. Residential Demolition

  12. Commercial Demolition

  13. Trailer & Mobile Home Demolition